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Please take a look through the following pages about the Bible antichrist, and if you are willing to "see", then there can be no doubt as to the identity of who the antichrist is. Please look through this information with open eyes and let our Almighty God guide you into His truth.


The Man of Sin

On this page you will see evidence, not only from the Word of God, but from actual pictures of who that "man of sin" is that the apostle Paul talked about.


Papacy Persecutes Christians

On this page you will see historical quotes concerning the bloody inquisition and persecution that the Roman Catholic Church forced upon God's people who would not (and rightly so) accept the supposed "authority" of the Papal Church.


Do Catholics Worship Mary?

The majority of Catholics refuse to accept that the church worships Mary. And yet the evidence is there for all to see. Take a look at these pictures and you will see without doubt that Mary is worshipped in the Roman Catholic Church.


Catholic Commandments

Many people do not realise that the Roman Catholic Church have changed God's Holy Law, the ten commandments. Here you will see evidence of how they have changed God's law.


Names and Titles of Popes

Christ Jesus said clearly in the Bible that no man is to be worshipped "as God", or to be called "God" in any way. And yet the Roman Catholic Church openly blaspheme God by giving the pope names and titles ONLY attributable to Christ Jesus and our Heavenly Father.


Daniel's Beasts in Stone

See these amazing pictures of statues that the reformers had made, showing they knew exactly who the beasts of Daniel 7 were.

As you can see, taking into account ALL the Biblical information and what has happened throughout history. There can be no doubt as to who the Bible antichrist is. There is no other kingdom, religion, power, institution or people that matches the antichrist the way the Papal Church of Rome does. It's a perfect match! And anyone who rejects this, is rejecting a clear truth that God has given us, and are placing themselves in line to be deceived by Satan. Friends, God is calling His people to come out of the Roman Catholic Church (Babylon) and all the Protestant churches that have gone back to Rome (harlots). Will you heed the call? The time is now!

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